Property Manager

Farmwell Hunt Property Manager

Farmwell Hunt contracts with Cardinal Management Group to provide property management services for the community. This page contains a list of frequently asked questions about payments, board meetings, and the app you can use to review your homeowner account. If you have further questions, you can find a detailed list of contact information at the bottom of this page.

How do I pay my monthly HOA fees?

Your HOA fees keep our community beautiful by funding the upkeep and planting of new landscaping in common areas, staffing the community pool, paying for trash pickup service, and snow removal during the winter. For more information on paying your HOA fees, see the sidebar "Payment Options" on this page. There are two options to pay your assessments free of charge, and you may optionally choose to pay online (which charges a fee).

Is there an online website or app?

Cardinal has a technology platform named CINC. CINC will give you the ability to check your account information online. If you haven't already done so, you will have to register for access to CINC.

How do I sign up for CINC?

We recommend you sign up for CINC so that you can receive electronic notices from the HOA, review your account, submit architectural requests, and more. You also have the option to opt in to an electronic resident directory.

To sign up for CINC, visit the CINC web page at and follow the instructions. Including your account number in the registration form will expedite the process. Cardinal has published a short video on how to register if you have any questions. There is also a mobile app available in the Google and Apple app stores.

How can I book the clubhouse?

If you'd like to book the clubhouse, please email the board at

When are the monthly HOA meetings?

We still hold monthly HOA meetings both online and in person at the Farmwell Hunt clubhouse. Meeting date/times are always posted on the public Farmwell Hunt calendar. If you would like to join meetings virtually, please email for the Google Meet link.

The meetings are now held every third Tuesday of the month at 7PM. Residents are always encouraged to attend.

How do I contact the board or the property manager?

Please see the Contacts page.

Payment Options

There are three convenient ways you can pay your HOA dues. The first method incurs a fee. The other two methods do not incur a fee. 

You will need your account number from the payment coupons you received in early January (the account number starts with the letters BRFARM)

One-Time Payment (Fee)

Visit and enter the following information:

Management ID:  7101
Association ID:  BR
Account Number:  BRFARM######   (no spaces or dashes, or leading zeros)  


Checking Account: $1.95
Debit/Credit Card: 2.95%

Direct Debit (No Fee)

If you would like to enroll in direct debit, please go to, go to automatic withdrawal, then select “click here to fill out a form”. From there you’ll be able to enter all the necessary information to have your assessments deducted directly from your checking account.

This service withdrawals the assessment on the 10th of every month unless that date falls on a holiday or weekend; then it is deducted the next business day. Please be advised that all submissions need to be received by close of business of the last day of month prior from when you would like it to start.

Note that if you set up direct debit now, it will only take effect starting in February. You will need to also make a one-time payment via check/bill pay (below) or website (above) to remit your January payment.

Check or Bill Pay (No Fee)

We also accept checks and money orders for each month’s assessments. Checks are made payable to your association.  Please make sure your account number or coupon is on/attached with each payment.

Address for mailing payments or bill pay service:

c/o Cardinal Management Group
P.O. Box 52358
Phoenix, AZ 85072-2358

Please include your property account number!