Trash Collection


Unfortunately, due to today’s weather the operation for today Monday, January 3rd are cancelled. We will be providing services a day delay for the rest of the week. Please see below for this week ( Jan 03 – Jan 08) schedule.

Monday service will operate on Tuesday

Tuesday service will operate on Wednesday

Wednesday service will operate on Thursday

Thursday service will on Friday

Friday service will operate on Saturday

2021 Trash Collection

Sunday 7PM: Leave out large Republic trash containers.

Monday AM: Trash is collected. Yard Waste is collected.

Wednesday 7PM: Leave out Republic trash container and recyclables.

Thursday AM: Trash & Recyclables collected.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not leave the trash curbside prior to 7PM. Homeowners who do not comply will be cited and fined.

Your monthly HOA dues cover the cost of trash collection in our community. All trash must be placed in garbage totes that are provided by the Vendor Republic. Large blue totes are for your regular garbage. You can place your garbage at the curb on Sunday and Wednesday evenings after 7PM.

Under normal operating conditions, the trash is collected on Monday and Thursday mornings between the hours of 7AM and 10AM. Recyclables are only collected once a week on Thursday between the hours of 10AM and 3PM. Recyclables include paper and glass. These items MUST BE placed in the BLUE totes.

Yard waste including dead branches and leaves are collected on Mondays. THEY ARE NEVER placed in either a green or blue tote. Instead, store and bind them in a brown paper yard waste bag.

Garbage collection is SUSPENDED during SNOW EVENTS; typically, this is when the snow accumulation is more than 5 inches in depth. In that case, retrieve your totes from the curb and store them in the garage until the next regularly scheduled trash collection day. Loudoun County regularly schedules HAZARDOUS WASTE collection dates. You must bring hazardous waste to these collection sites- including any chemicals, liquids, paints, and car batteries. REPUBLIC WILL NOT pick up hazardous waste. Check the Loudoun County website for a definition of hazardous waster materials. NOTE: All Republic blue totes MUST BE STORED in YOUR GARAGE. It is NEVER acceptable to store your garbage totes outside. YOU WILL BE CITED by the HOA if your garbage totes are stored outside.