EVENT 1: Fall Festival, Sunday 10/14/2018: 11AM to 2PM

Our annual Fall Festival is scheduled for Saturday October 13 from 11AM to 2PM. This event will take place around the Clubhouse and Gazebo. This year, we will have a train ride, moon bounce, face painting, and pumpkin painting. Additionally, we will have hot dogs, sweet treats, apple cider, popcorn, and more. This is a family-friendly event so please plan to have the whole family in attendance.

Autumn Leaves are Falling

 Now that Autumn is officially here, it is a key time to review the protocols for the accumulation, storage, and removal of leaves and other yard waste. HERE IS THE BOTTOM LINE: Leaves must be placed in either a clear plastic bag or a brown recyclable yard waste bag. Leaves and branches MUST never be left in a loose pile. Branches must be cut down and tied with rope; otherwise, they will NOT be picked up by the trash company.

NEW Pool Access Registration Process!!!!

The Farmwell Hunt community pool is provided to community residents and their guests only. This year, we have new lifeguards on duty and an agent checking ID’s to allow access to the pool. We are also using an online registration and virtual ID process for access – this means NO MORE PHYSICAL CARDS to lose!
All homeowners interested in using the pool must complete an online registration. Sign up and register using: https://www.cellbadge.com/farmwellhunt/register

2019 Farmwell Hunt Pool Regulations

The following rules constitute the current rules governing the use, operation, and availability of the Farmwell Hunt swimming pool. These rules are for the benefit and protection of all residents and guests. Failure to follow these rules can result in immediate removal of pool privileges for the offending person or persons. These rules may be amended at any time. Hours of operation for the swimming pool will be posted outside of the pool/clubhouse area.

Annual HOA Meeting: 4/17/2019

The Annual HOA Meeting will take place on Wednesday April 25. This year's meeting will be held at the Broadlands Community Church at the intersection of Hemingway Drive and Faulkner Parkway. We need your help to meet the 10% quorum requirement! If you cannot attend, please return you Proxy form to First Service Residential.

New Architectural Design Guidelines Adopted for Farmwell Hunt

After nearly a year's effort, the Covenants Commitee completed a new "Architectural Design Guidelines" document that replaces the original document that was put in place over 20 years ago at the inception of our community. At the June 28th 2017 HOA meeting, the Farmwell Hunt Board approved and adopted this new document. All residents may download the PDF version of this document. Simply access the top green menu at the upper right. Click on the item entitled "2017-2018 Design Guidelines".

Farmwell Road Widening Update

The County and VDOT sponsored a hearing regarding the widening of Farmwell Road. The hearing took place at the Broad Run High School on May 30 at 630PM. This was an opportunity to learn more about this $24 Million Project and its impact on the community. The event was very well attended with nearly 300 people... a majority of these residents were from Ashburn Village and Cameron Chase. Both Ron Meyer and Ralph Buona, Loundoun County Supervisors, were in attendance. Based on resident input, the County will revisit plans to completely widen the road to six lanes.


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